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Goldie is releasing a new collaborative album in September

He joins forces with Ulterior Motive's James Davidson as Subjective

  • James Ball
  • 22 June 2018
Goldie is releasing a new collaborative album in September

Goldie has announced a new collaborative album with Ulterior Motive's James Davidson under their Subjective alias is on the way.

The album, entitled 'Act One – Music For Inanimate Objects', sees the duo look beyond strict genre parameters. According to Goldie: “It was really exciting to have no boundaries on what we were writing, not restricted by the BPM or anything else - we just went wherever the smiles were”.

This morning, the pair released a video for the album's first single 'Inkolelo', featuring samples provided by the Beating Heart Project. The track was also released last year on the 'Beating Heart - South Africa' compilation.

Goldie and Ulterior Motive also dropped by The Lab LDN last year, spinning two killer sets that you can watch here.

'Act One – Music For Inanimate Objects' is out September 21 via Masterworks.

Check out the video to the first single 'Inkolelo' below.

1. Midnight Monsoon
2. Temple
3. Find Your Light
4. Rift Valley
5. Silent Running
6. Re-Entry
7. Waypoint
8. I Saw Her Last Summer
9. Stay
10. Landscape - Portrait
11. Inkolelo
12. Find Your Light - Beauty

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