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Four Tet shares playlist of “music from Trump’s banned countries”

A collection of sounds from Syria, Iran, Yemen and more

  • Harrison Williams
  • 30 January 2017

In the wake of US President Donald Trump’s executive order to ban immigration from certain Muslim-majority countries, British producer Four Tet has compiled a playlist of music from those locations.

Four Tet, real name Kieran Hebden, stated on Twitter that he was inspired to explore music from Trump’s banned countries after reflecting on a past collaboration with Syrian artist Omar Souleyman, whose 2013 album ‘Wenu Wenu’ was produced by Four Tet in Brooklyn. Under Trump’s new anti-immigration order, Hebden says a collaboration like this would not be allowed to happen.

Hebden certainly enjoys sharing his musical finds, so he decided to add a collection of music to his already expansive Spotify playlist. So far tracks from Omar Souleyman of Syria, Martik of Iran, Naji Barakat from Yemen and more have all been added.

Listen to the playlist below.

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