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Fatima Yamaha is releasing his first album in five years

‘Spontaneous Order’ comes out in November

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 28 September 2020
Fatima Yamaha is releasing his first album in five years

Fatima Yamaha has announced he is releasing a new album titled ‘Spontaneous Order’ via Magnetron Music on November 13.

The title refers to a scientific theory that embraced change comes about from unintentional actions rather than planned human design, which is an inspiration behind the LP.

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It marks the Dutch artist’s first full-length record since 2015’s ‘Imaginary Lines’. Lead single ‘Day We Met’ is a feel-good pop-infused tune. “It's Electronic music. I like Funk,” said Fatima Yamaha, real name Bas Bron.

Watch the ‘Day We Met’ video and check out the album’s tracklist below.

1. Drops In The Ocean
2. Day We Met
3. Bar Bodega "That's It!"
4. Monderman
5. Happy Hour At Hayek's
6. Spontaneous Order
7. Unwashed
8. Daio (Alternate History)
9. Master Zhuang
10. We Are Drops

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