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Fabric's Save Our Culture campaign has raised over £100,000 in four days

Four Tet has contributed £1000

  • Dave Turner
  • 19 September 2016

Fabric has raised over £100,000 in donations since Friday.

As part of the #saveourculture campaign, the club is raising money to contribute towards its appeal of having its licence revoked earlier this month.

The campaign page explains how the club "doesn't ignore the tragic fact that two people have died after visiting our club", but goes on to say how the Farringdon venue was created as a safe place to bring people together.

"We want to learn, we will try harder. We always have. We started this to create a safe place, a home - not a ‘superclub’. It’s about the fabric that unites us all, that stitches together race, gender, age and sexual preference into a brilliant tapestry. We invest in the best music, technology, interior and visual design and our staff and safety are industry leading."

Asking potential donators to think of their donations as substitutes for the tickets they would've bough in the last six weeks, Fabric's statement adds that the funds will be used to maintain a team, allow the venue to run in hibernation and prepare a legal battles to "stop this police oppression".

Four Tet was among the first to donate, contributing £1000 on Friday, as the total fund stands at £117,773 at the time of writing.

Dave Turner is Mixmag's Digital News Editor, follow him on Twitter

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