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Fabric's licence has been revoked and the club will close indefinitely

A tragic outcome after six hours of debate at the Fabric Review

  • Valerie Lee
  • 7 September 2016

Today, the team behind Fabric and the opposing police force of London met at the Islington Town Hall to debate and decide upon the future of the esteemed nightclub.

This meeting arrived following several weeks of turmoil for the venue, which began when Fabric was forced to close upon review of its license following the death of two 19-year old men (which have occurred over the past nine months).

The possible loss of the venue caused an uproar throughout the community. DJs like Skream, Matt Tolfrey, Lee Curtiss and more spoke out about their favourite memories in and related to the club while Jamie Jones, The Martinez Brothers, Sasha, Eats Everything and handfuls more urged London Mayor Sadiq Khan to save the club from the possible closure.

Editors of Mixmag attended the Fabric review meeting and covered key moments live from the Town Hall, including a tearful moment with an Islington council member and the suggested ban on higher BPM nights in theory that faster, more aggressive music was related to more deaths.

Unfortunately, after over six hours of debate and review, the committee decided that "searches were inadequate and in breach of the license". Fabric's licence will be revoked and the club will be forced to close permanently.

Fabric Co-Founder Cameron Leslie, who gave a valiant personal defense for the club earlier this evening, declined to comment on the way out, but was visibly shaken by the committee's decision. He received an ovation from his team on the steps of Islington Town Hall.

The final decision to finally close Fabric was made by the licensing sub-committee. "There is a culture of drugs at fabric which management cannot control," Licensing sub-committee Chair Flora Williamson said in a closing statement.

Alan Miller, Chair of the Nightlife Industries Association, said that NTIA will start the Fund For Fabric to fight the decision in hopes of changing the damning fate of the club.

Valerie Lee is Mixmag's US Digital Editor. Follow her on Twitter here

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