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Fabric releases statement on future plans and drug procedures

Hold on tight, there's hope

  • Sydney Megan Jow
  • 23 August 2016

Following the drug-related deaths of two teenage clubbers, famed London venue Fabric was forced to close it doors during an ongoing 28-day review.

With UK nightlife currently under siege, artists around the world urged mayor Sadiq Khan to take action and save Fabric. Khan issued a vague, but promising statement citing his plans to find a solution that would both "protect clubbers' safety and the future of the club".

Fabric London has now released an official statement concerning its closure.

The iconic club opens with extending condolences to those affected by the recent tragedies before going on to explain that the venue prides itself in drug safety and precautions, taking the current matter extremely seriously.

Shedding light on previous procedures, the statement reveals that Fabric has consistently worked collaboratively with the police since opening its doors in 1999. This includes implementing harm and drug-related crime reduction tactics, as well as logging and handing over any confiscated substances to the authorities.

"For Fabric, protocol has always been prioritized by safety. Less than a year ago District Judge Allison described the club as a "beacon of best practice" and the recent casualties are nothing short of devastating.

"The club vows to improve their security procedures and review every scope of their safety methods, readily offering to continue work with the police and the London Borough of Islington. Through these practices, they hope to ensure the "safest possible environment for music lovers" and "continue to operate after nearly two decades as a leading part of the London club scene".

Fabric also mentions and thanks the support of Sadiq Khan, artists and fans.

Read the full statement here.

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