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Drum 'n' bass producer Mistabishi has been found making racist comments

The remarks came after Donald Trump's visit to the UK was cancelled

  • Dave Turner
  • 15 January 2018
Drum 'n' bass producer Mistabishi has been found making racist comments

Drum 'n' bass producer Mistabishi has made a slew of racist remarks in the last few days, with people also calling him out for defamatory posts in the summer.

The former Hospital Records artist, aka James Pullen, took aim at London Mayor Sadiq Khan after he celebrated Donald Trump's cancelled visit to London.

Angered by Khan's opposition to the United States president, he claimed Khan is "not an Englishman" because his parents weren't born in the country.

One Facebook user responded saying "Britain doesn't want you, either", to which Mistabishi replied: "Feel free to beat your child cousin bride and throw gay people off buildings because 'it's your culture', Muzzy."

Manchester artist Chimpo took a screenshot of the Facebook thread and tweeted: "Wow Mistabishi! How u gonna hate immigrants and make d'n'b and techno? Racists aren't welcome here mate."

Mistabishi also referred to one Twitter user as a "chimp", as can be seen below.

hereBack in August the artist posted on a forum that black culture is "destructive to social integration". He did so by using derogatory racial slurs.

Mistabishi has since deleted his posts on Facebook.

Hospital Records announced yesterday that it's deleted the artist's back catalogue from its own store. Read the label's statement here.

Dave Turner is Mixmag's Digital News Editor, follow him on Twitter

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