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Daniel Avery: "I would be scared if I still sounded the same as I did five years ago"

The techno auteur shares a new track during his Reddit AMA

  • Cameron Holbrook
  • 6 June 2018
Daniel Avery: "I would be scared if I still sounded the same as I did five years ago"

Mixmag cover star Daniel Avery opened himself up for a round of friendly questioning during his Reddit AMA earlier today - revealing what inspires his sound, what goes through his head while he is DJing, his favorite techno artists and his favorite foods, along with plethora of other insights from the artist.

When asked about what helps him inspires and change and evolve his sounds overtime, Avery said that he finds it to be a "natural process," explaining that "if you do everything on your own terms then, by definition, you can't ever lose." When another user asked a similar question regarding how he continuously changes his sound, Avery said "I am pleased that things are constantly moving. I would be scared if I still sounded the same as I did five years ago."

When addressing his performance method and whether he tends to gravitate towards a conscious selection process or a more "flow-based" method during the AMA, Avery responded by explaining that DJing involves "literally no restrictions", which is something he fully embraces. The artist goes on to say, "DJing almost becomes an unconscious thing. It's a communal experience between everyone in the room and it's that energy that determines the way the music flows."

When asked to cite his biggest influences in the realm of techno, Avery went on to explain that "Autechre and Aphex Twin both entered my life at an important age so that's my immediate answer. Machine music with a human soul. That's something for which I always strive." Citing his biggest non-musical influences, Avery told Reddit that "David Lynch, Murakami and swimming" are big inspirations for the artist. We also learn that he is a major fan of Burmese food, but thinks pineapple pizza is a crime against humanity.

To thank his fans for participating in his Reddit AMA, Avery has shared a session which never made it on his most recent 'Song For Alpha' LP, titled 'AQPAN6102'. You can download and listen to the track by going here.

Avery also uploaded a Spotify playlist he created titled 'Ultra Truth' which contains 100 hours of music that influenced his album 'Song For Alpha'. You can check out the full playlist below.

Read the full Reddit AMA by going here.

Check out Daniel Avery's Cover Mix by going here.

Cameron is Mixmag's US Digital Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter here

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