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Check out the bag collab between Herschel and Beastie Boys

The link-up celebrates 20 years of 'Hello Nasty'

  • Seb Wheeler
  • 21 November 2018
Check out the bag collab between Herschel and Beastie Boys

Herschel and the Beastie Boys have linked up to create a laptop case and DJ bag.

The drop comes in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Boys' iconic 'Hello Nasty' album and designs on both pieces feature its now legendary 'sardine tin' graphic.

You all know how crisp Herschel's laptop cases are, with the brand's Anchor Sleeve now bearing a subtle but effective sardine tin in what's definitely a reworking of a classic. The DJ bag is custom designed by the brand's product designer, Jules Gayton, with a brief for a versatile way to transport records, a laptop and accessories coming from the band's Mike D himself.

Read our Q+A with Gayton to find out how the collab came about and what went into designing these two limited edition pieces.

How did the collab between the Beastie Boys and Herschel come about?

Mike D and I have know each other for many years and I happened to see him in Bali in 2017. I hadn't seen him in years and we started catching up and one thing lead to another and we spoke of working together, his son's are fans of Herschel and obviously I have been a fan of the Beasties since day one! He suggested a DJ bag and Herschel and I couldn't have been more happy to help him make that come true.

How did you approach incorporating the famous sardine tin with Herschel products?

The sardine graphic is so classic and iconic! Mike D wanted something subtle but yet classic so we incorporated the sardine can as an all over print but made the print slightly tonal so it can be seen in the light.The sardine Graphic is also a way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of 'Hello Nasty'.

Tell us about reworking Herschel's famous Anchor Sleeve laptop case.

Our lap top sleeves are classic design and we took the same approach as the DJ bag and added the iconic Sardine graphic to the front and back, simple and iconic.

The record bag is a new design. How did you develop this?

Mike D wanted to have a functional DJ bag that could hold 20 or so records, laptop sleeve, headphone pocket, USB pocket in the lid, and many other features. I have been a DJ for over 25 years and with that experience made sure all those design elements were included. We made samples and Mike D and our design team would make changes and edits until we came up with the perfect functional bag blended with our classic outdoor performance.

A unique feature is our front zips, I suggested to [Herschel] owner Jamie Cormack and the design director Jon Warren that we find a way to access records without taking them out of the bag and we all came up with the front zips idea that allows you to fold down the front of the bag to be able to flip through records while still in the bag. The front zip design inspiration actually came from old record 45 boxes that have a lower front than back. I feel we came up with a classic functional DJ bag but with style and forward thinking design features.

The record bag features the Beastie's 'Spaceman' artwork on its inner - it must have been fun incorporating all these details?

It was really fun! The Beasties have so many iconic, fun graphics that the spaceman artwork just seemed to work naturally, we repeated the graphic so it would be right way up even with the front zip flap folded down.