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Campaign to turn disused Thames fort into "Berghain in the sea"

The fort on the River Thames is valued at £500,000

  • Dave Turner
  • 20 August 2014

A nightclub on the River Thames? This could be a reality if a crowd funding project raises enough money.

A disused fort, located at the mouth of the Thames Estuary in Kent, is up for sale for £500,000 (asreported by the Guardian last week) and Scottish house and techno promoters Minival are determined to raise the cash to buy it.

Their GoFundMe page describes the offshore building as a "Berghain or Trouw in the middle of the sea" and states an extra £250,000 will be needed to make the venue a safe location.

With over £50,000 raised at the time of writing, in just four days, this could well be a possibility. And with full refunds being given if the target isn't reached, we might as well come together and chip in to make this happen.

Head to the GoFundMe page if you wish to donate.

[Via: Hyponik]

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