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Calvin Harris in hot water over "Nazi headbanger music" insult

Naughty Calvin Harris

  • Dave Turner
  • 1 February 2019
Calvin Harris in hot water over "Nazi headbanger music" insult

Calvin Harris has landed himself in hot water over a now-deleted tweet sent to TenGraphs, describing the producer's music as "Nazi headbanger music".

It all started when Apashe called out Calvin over the apparent similarities between the former's video for 'Majesty' and the latter's 'Giant' with Rag'n'Bone Man. Both feature horse riding and cinematic nature shots.

The 'One Kiss' producer denied Apashe's video was the inspiration, citing a VICE article about horse-riding kids from Dublin.

Amid all of this, Canadian producer TenGraphs backed up Apashe, leading Calvin to respond with "Away back to your Nazi headbanger music you wee pleb", alluding to dubstep. Unsurprisingly the tweet's now disappeared.

However, after one tweet asking whether his comments were aimed at dubstep originators Skream and Benga, Calvin obviously felt the need to settle the matter.

Calvin's never short of a sharp statement. Last year he told people to "face facts" because "some of the best producers in the world make EDM".

Just be careful you don't get yourself into trouble, Calvin...

Dave Turner is Mixmag's Digital News Editor, follow him on Twitter

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