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Brooklyn's Avant Gardner shines with Cityfox, Ben Klock's PHOTON and Elrow

With the summer season fast approaching

  • Haydon Stevenson
  • 13 April 2018
Brooklyn's Avant Gardner shines with Cityfox, Ben Klock's PHOTON and Elrow

Brooklyn's unrivaled warehouse venue Avant Gardner announces a trio of events to take place this month before prepping for the summer season.

The first, taking place this Saturday, is hosted by popular event series The Cityfox Experience, taking place at the indoor portion of The Brooklyn Mirage. The huge warehouse space is to be the home of Âme, Tiga, Mathias Kaden, Oliver Schories, Ruede Hagelstein, Tim Engelhardt, Christian Voldstad and bilaliwood for the night.

The next event takes place on April 21 and is the launch of Elrow’s residency. The Spanish party giants bring Nomad, New World party to the venue. Travelling through time with Elrow’s over the top visuals bring an unparalleled atmosphere to any venue. Guiding you through this night will be Andrea Oliva performing a back to back set with Steve Lawler, De La Swing, Eats Everything, Thomas Jack and Toni Varga.

Wrapping up the trio is OUTPOST, taking place April 28. Here Ben Klock will deliver his acclaimed PHOTON event and will be joined by Marcel Dettmann, Dax J and Etapp Kyle. These events combine unique sounds, light and architecture to create a multi-sensory experience.

These events will serve to hold over patrons before Avant Gardner opens the outdoor area of The Brooklyn Mirage this summer, with the opening event taking place on May 19 produced by The Cityfox Experience.

Find more information on these events and more here.

[Photo credit: DED PIXEL of DED AGENCY]