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Bright Lights is the voice behind some of dance music's hottest anthems

The multi-faceted artists shares all with Mixmag and AKG

  • in association with AKG
  • 21 December 2018
Bright Lights is the voice behind some of dance music's hottest anthems

Bright Lights sits down with Mixmag's On Rotation podcast to discuss her roots growing up in a small town, being exposed to music in church, the moments that led her to electronic music and how she is continuing to follow her dreams today.

This past October, Mixmag linked with AKG to bring six artists to Allaire Studios - a musical oasis located in Woodstock, New York - for an electronic music retreat. Isolated from the noise of the outside world and provided with a plethora of instruments, recording equipment and refined audio gear, this amiable retreat delivered an exercise in nurturing new musical epiphanies through the spirit of collaboration.

Among the artists who took part in the experience was American singer, songwriter, DJ and producer Bright Lights. Raised in South Carolina by her pastor father, Bright Lights’ musical career sparked at an early age yet she was always looking for the right path. “Dance music really saved me as a creative person,” Bright lights explains. “I was just so frustrated in the pop world because songwriting doesn’t really change.” Her collaborations with Zedd and following performances at EDC and Ultra exposed her to a new genre and scene that has “given her a home” and “life as a lyricist.”

Here Bright Lights dives deep into her past to reveal what drove her to become a lyricist, producer and DJ, and how she fuels her passion today.

Listen to Bright Lights’ interview and more below.

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