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Black Girl / White Girl release latest EP 'Physique'

It's pure sweaty techno to get you moving

  • Jemima Skala
  • 26 September 2020
Black Girl / White Girl release latest EP 'Physique'

Duo Black Girl / White Girl this week released their EP ‘Physique’ via AEROBIK. As a label whose tagline is ‘its sole purpose is to make you sweat’, it’s a fitting outlet for the two-track EP.

‘Physique’ is a lively techno EP, brimming with a bouncing, uncontainable energy that tempts any listener to make a dancefloor out of their current location. As Karin and Ty of Black Girl / White Girl put it, “made during the first few weeks of lockdown in March, ‘Sticky Fingerz is an ode to jackin’ techno with a cunty twist. ‘Jelly Brain’ is a hypnotically intricate techno tool made to rattle your ribcage.”

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The ‘Physique’ EP marks Black Girl / White Girl’s fifth EP release of 2020, following hot on the heels of July’s ‘ELEV8’ EP released on EI8HT. They comment that “our project, and by extension also our music, is all about visibility and representation for women, minorities and our queer community. We aim to break genre boundaries and show our wide range of skills and influences.”

Listen to snippets from 'Physique' below.

Jemima Skala is Mixmag’s Weekend Editor. Follow her on Twitter

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