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​Amoeba Music is leaving its flagship Hollywood location

The store is relocating "within blocks" of its current spot

  • Cameron Holbrook
  • 20 June 2018
​Amoeba Music is leaving its flagship Hollywood location

Back in August of 2017, Mixmag reported that the world-renowned record store Amoeba Music could be forced to relocate from its Hollywood home as new building development plans suggested that the shop would be demolished to make way for a 28-story building.

The plot of land on Sunset Blvd. was purchased by GPI Companies for $34 million back in October of 2015 and the company is apparently now looking to cash in.

According to the building proposal, which would still need to be approved by the city before beginning the construction process, demolition would take place in mid-2019 in order to complete the building in 2021.

During an exclusive interview with Variety, Amoeba Music co-owner Marc Weinstein confirms that the record retailer is indeed moving from its iconic location on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. During the interview, Weinstein told the publication that they are currently exploring three new locations that are "within blocks" of its current spot.

The announcement comes on the heels of the news that Amoeba Music's Berkley location in Northern California has officially opened a marijuana dispensary called Hi-Fidelity.

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[via: Variety]

Cameron is Mixmag's US Digital Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter here

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