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AKG K812 Pro

We test AKG's wallet-slaying flagship headphones


  • Curtis Moldrich
  • 21 October 2013
AKG K812 Pro

Last week saw Austrian brand AKG unveil their most ambitious headphone yet, the AKG K812.

Created with a pure focus on clarity, the AKG K812's exhibit single minded design from the very beginning. Doing away with all the usual conventions of headphones such as plastic and faux leather headbands, the K812's are built around an exquisitely machined metal frame. Suspended between the K812's two class leading speakers, an adjustable mesh headband allows comfort for long periods of wear.

Much like the rest of the headphone, even the cable is designed with the studio in mind. Rather than a heavy duty offering, the K812's use a thin one-sided output, for minimum distraction when in use. Combine this with an open backed construction which offers almost no barrier to the outside world, and it's clear these are not made for a gig or commute.

The reasons for all these features ultimately boils down to sonic performance - and this is where the K812's astronomical £1000 price tag is most evident. Clear without being sharp and pumping out satisfying low-end without being overbearing, the K812's really come into their own in studio and home listening conditions.

Thanks to oversized 53mm drivers with copper-covered aluminium voice coils, the K812's are able to deliver an uncoloured, pristinely accurate account of any track - whether it's classical, Drum and Bass or Hip Hop. Separating instruments and synths and making your favourite track sound more expansive and detailed than ever before, the K812's offer ridiculous levels of detail. If you're strongly interested in production, or you want to hear exactly what the producer intended, these pricey K812's might be worth their headline grabbing price-tag.

£1000 | AKG

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