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AKG K712 Pro


  • Curtis Moldrich
  • 24 September 2013
AKG K712 Pro

Already one of the most sophisticated brands on the market, Austrian brand AKG's flagship headphones promise to be one of the most accomplished set of cans you can buy.

Named the K712 PRO, AKG's top of the range reference headphones feature an over-ear design for maximum comfort and minimal ear-squash. This makes them great for wearing for long periods of time - something producers and mixers will be doing a lot.

Designed with a focus on blending and honing tracks, the K712's PRO's give a clear uncoloured representation of sound - so you can mix and master your tracks with complete faith. Although crisp and crystal clear on the top end, the K712's also do bass just as well - although not in a bottom heavy Beats way.

Looking the part with part with a genuine leather headband, a professional mini XLR connector and an additional coiled cable, the K712 PRO's sound every bit their £379 asking price - but look it too.

£379 | AKG

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