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10 things you can do to make dance music less sexist

Enough chat – it's time for action

  • Words: Sirin Kale | Illustration: Eliot Wyatt
  • 8 February 2017
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5 Check your behaviour online

Like a US election or a royal wedding, the Internet makes idiots of us all. Platforms like Boiler Room and Mixmag are stepping up to check misogynistic abuse in their comments section, but the problem persists. Unlike the US president, though, misognyny isn’t just orange and white. It can come in much subtler colour permutations. Like critiquing a Nina Kraviz DJ set because she played a mix of more experimental techno than the pounding beat narrative you were used to. Would you really be as whiny and belligerent in the comments if a high-profile male artist had used the set as an opportunity to experiment and broaden your musical horizons a bit?

6 Call out dancefloor harassment and think about how you act

If someone’s behaving in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable – even if they’re not doing it to you directly – say something, or get the bouncer if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself. And think about how you’re acting. Are you in a huge group of rowdy guys? Are you physically dominating the space? What about your creeper mate who checks out girls when he thinks they don’t notice (they always do?) Remember: you don’t have to be physically groping a girl’s arse to make her feel uncomfortable. Dancefloors are a community and we all need to act together to keep people safe. Here’s a helpful thing we wrote with more tips.

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