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10 things you can do to make dance music less sexist

Enough chat – it's time for action

  • Words: Sirin Kale | Illustration: Eliot Wyatt
  • 8 February 2017

Hi, dance music bros! No, don’t look over your shoulder – I’m waving at you! Yes, you, with the scoop neck tee (so artful of you to show off your neck tattoo). Over here! Wait – why are you blanking me?

That’s the problem with dance music bros, they never realise they’re bros. Always looking over their shoulder, accusing someone else of all The Bad Misogyny they’ve been doing.

You know who tends not to think much about sexism in dance music? People who don’t directly experience it: namely, men. It’s like the proverbial tree falling in the woods. If you don’t see the tree fall – you don’t hear the sexist comments, see the all-male festival line-ups, notice that female artists being paid less – does it still happen?

Yes, absolutely. The forest is fucking burning up with misogynistic bullshit, and it’s up to men to help put the fire out (they've certainly got some catching up to do).

Here are 10 ways we can all challenge bro-culture and misogyny in dance music (although boys, as you dominate the industry, you kind of need to step up here). And because I’m nice, I’ve even written it in a list – so shareable for your Whatsapp group!

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