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The Cover Mix: Denis Sulta

An electrifying cover mix from the man of the moment

  • Words: Kate Hutchison | Photo: Haris Nukem
  • 27 September 2018

Hector Barbour’s alter ego – Denis Sulta – truly changed his life. Not only that, but it’s revitalised the present reception of house music.

From battling depression to commanding international adoration, a sought-after stage presence and the ownership of his very own label, the Scottish DJ has achieved a phenomenal amount just five years into his twenties.

Originally from the West end of Glasgow, the previously budding freestyle skier found an affinity with disco cuts from school days, initiated by his father and a traditional music training. After an introduction to mixing, Mad Max and Underground Resistance in his late teens, Barbour never looked back. An obsession with sound mutated; he promoted, produced and evolved his musical creativity through genre; hip-hop, experimental techno and to what we know now: the house-infused Denis Sulta phase.

Using Sulta as a flamboyant alter-ego to his young, frustrated person; Barbour muddled through bouts of depression and evolved into one of the industry’s most exciting – and fun - personalities. Denis Sulta is an international phenomenon controlling festival season; an iconic DJ playing vibrant, sold-out sets; infectious disco, selected soul and house. He’s a Red Bull Music Academy grad, his label – Sulta Selects – is one of much respect, and his sharp-suited persona is spiralling with utter sophistication.

Though now Berlin-based and at the very top of his game, Barbour is candidly aware of his roots, and this mix pays tribute to that. It features sound which informs his every day, characterises his past and hopefully, his future. Al Zanders, Brame & Hamo plus some of his own sound catalogue: this mix is a killer.

Listen below.

1. Ryanair ‘Boarding Theme’

“A piece of music that starts most of my weekends...”

2. LKM & KLF ‘What Time Is Love’ (What Is Love 303 SSL mix)

“This was brought to my attention by my good friend Chris McCormick (aka Cromby). Doesn’t get much more ‘here we fucking go’ than this!”

3. Al Zanders ‘Martha’s Revenge’

“Al Zanders has been on my radar for a long time, and this is quite simply a fucking HIT!”

4. Wally Jump Jr & The Criminal Element ‘Just Can’t Stop (Dancin’)’ (Hifi Sean dub)

“I cannot even begin to put into words how ridiculous this track is. The dynamic between the disco sample and the relentless bassline bounce – WTF, how is that even possible, man?”

5. Atlus ‘De Jam’

“A tune I made back in 2012 in an attempt to copy Oni Ayhun. Love it dearly”

6. No-4mat ‘1992’

“After stumbling across it on Bandcamp one night I fell in love with this enchanting piece of music. Hints of mystery – and hope”

7. Gimbrère ‘A Thing’

“Without a doubt one of the biggest records I’ve heard in the past year”

8. Denis Sulta ‘DC Terrified (For All The Right Reasons)’

“My new short nightmare about the reasons I left Glasgow, my anxiety about playing DC10 for the first time and how all those things can be questioned”

9. HAAi ‘I Never Cared Too Much For Jungle’

“Absolutely mind-melting stuff from the best person on the planet, HAAi”

10. Skream ‘HWG’

“Simply amazing techno-disco crossover from the man who can do it all”

11. CJ Bolland ‘Camague’ (Lindsay Green, Stephen Kirkwood edit)

“I will never forget the first time I heard this in Paisley’s own The Club being played out by dream team Co-Accused. A huge hit!”

12. Brame & Hamo ‘Limewire’

Breaky, dreamy... the hit factory that is Brame & Hamo continue to spank them out with this etheral banger”

13. Mike Dunn ‘Turn It Up’

“Discovered this on my soul-searching trip to Chicago”

14. Unknown Artist (Baba Stiltz) ‘El Baile’

Minimal heater”

15. 宮本典子 ‘Everything I Have Is Yours’

“Beautiful ballad that just keeps the heart crying and crying”

16. DJ Cammy ‘Celebrate The Summer’

“The sound of my early teenage years. Iconic Glasgow sounds”

17. Alpha Team ‘Speed Racer’

“A wild Chicago classic with terrifying rave synths”

18. Groundislava ‘Feel The Heat’ (Indecorum remix)

“Shown to me by my good friend and hair guru, Christopher Hutton. Hypnotic synth-work”

19. Rustie ‘Bad Science VIP’

“Massive tune from my late teens growing up in Glasgow”

20. Lula ‘XTC (Take Your Shirts Off)’ (Johnny Vicious mix)

“Needs to be shared and enjoyed. The ultimate sketchy banger”

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