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Moving to the Beat-land: Telekom Electronic Beats takes on the Roblox metaverse

Having kicked things off with 2-day set from Boris Brejcha, Beatland is aiming to help young people connect with music

  • Words: Megan Townsend | In Association with Telekom Electronic Beats
  • 29 April 2022

You've probably heard of Roblox, yeah — it's that game in which your little sister inexplicably has a job at Starbucks. What started out as an online world-building platform similar to the likes of Minecraft, has grown into a global phenomenon — with 55+ million users worldwide and a valuation of $38 billion. As conversations around Web3 and the Metaverse, Roblox is a pretty solid example of the direction that many internet users... particularly those under 25, are headed. Wanting to get ahead of the curve, Telekom Electronic Beats this weekend launched its Beatland world within Roblox, becoming the first telecommunications company to do so.

Boasting a nightclub, record store and a cinema — Beatland was developed by The Gang From Sweden, one of Roblox's most prolific creator studios, all with a focus on bringing young people together to enjoy music.

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To celebrate the launch, Electronic Beats hosted a 2-day takeover in its Beatland nightclub with DJ Boris Brejcha. We chatted to him ahead of the set about the relationship between gaming and music, being forward-facing and all things metaverse:

What was behind the decision to host a live show at a virtual club on Roblox?

I've always been a tech nerd in every sense of the word and I'm into computer games, digital worlds, anything to do with the future, and VR. When I got the request, I was really happy to be able to combine my interests with my passion for music.

Have you been familiar with Roblox before you decided to take part in this project? What was your experience with the game?

I have heard about Roblox and in general about the ongoing increase in users in the gaming industry. Therefore, I was really excited to learn more about it.

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As Electronic Beats launches the first nightclub on Roblox universe, what’s your perspective. Do you think gaming and electronic music have a symbiotic relationship?

Good question. On the one hand, I think it makes sense and it is logical that there are also nightclubs in such parallel universes where people can go to parties digitally. But all in all, I think electronic music and computer games go very well together. Just from the technical factor. And also at parties we are for some time in a kind of parallel world, in which it is at best peaceful and always fun, just like at Beatland by Electronic Beats via Roblox.

Do you think more electronic artists should be moving to the metaverse/online platforms?

I don't think you can defend yourself from that. The world is becoming more and more digital and that's why such "gigs" will certainly become more and more common. Even during Covid, we noticed that something like this really does work. Nevertheless, I believe that people are very social beings and that a virtual experience cannot replace a real one for the time being. For social reasons alone. People also want to feel things and celebrate them together in person.

How do you think modern clubland already Incorporates elements of the metaverse?

Well, you can always see that in stage design, LED walls and stage setups. So much is done with really modern and impressive technology to deliver a great show and really bring people into a kind of parallel universe. There's not much left with simple decoration. Party guests want to be offered something and since one has already seen so much, it becomes more and more difficult to impress the people. Only the most modern technology can help!

What will be unique about your Roblox set and what can audiences expect?

First of all, I want to say that I look forward to everyone coming to my set! My avatar looks deceptively real and there are loads of other activities like a record store, cinema, and Electronic Beats store where you can get some of my merchandise. Moreover, you can take a role in the club so it is really interactive. All this in combination with the music will surely be a great experience!

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Can you tell us a little bit about the Beatland project, the creative process and your involvement?

I have been pretty much involved in the creating of my avatar and as well of the process of the mask, the yellow duck and the vinyl with my logo, too. Moreover, sharing my experience as a gamer with the creative team to implement and include some experiences I have collected throughout the time.

You can now visit Telekom Electronic Beats' Beatland on Roblox by clicking here.

Megan Townsend is Mixmag's Deputy Digital Editor, follow her on Twitter

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