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Get to know Angel-Ho, the artist fusing neo-pop anthems with gritty club mentality

South African producer and performer Angel-Ho is sharing her voice with the world

  • Words: Jasmine Kent-Smith | Photo: Jody Brand
  • 26 February 2019
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On her debut album, Angel’s experimental sound is given a new name, ‘neo-pop’. “Neo-pop, for me, is about expressing whatever story you want to express in a way that isn’t necessarily aesthetically pop,” she explains. “But what is pop but a catchy lyric or a catchy melody?”

Discussing themes such as wealth, love and humanity’s universal need to survive, Angel also explores narratives surrounding gender and identity on her debut. The sleeve notes describe the album as one of “emancipation and trans identity”, its themes “treated with an ambiguity that restructures the narrative within a trans-identity”.

Landing on Hyperdub, producers such as Gaika, Nunu and Nguzunguzu’s Asmara are credited, while vocalists such as K Rizz and Queezy feature on vocal duty. “I’m so into collaborating with other artists. I love the idea of two people coming together, or three or four people, and making something because you can’t do this alone,” says Angel.

Despite citing the likes of Lady Gaga, Missy Elliot and Björk as inspirations, Angel’s keen to carve out her own lane. “I’m not looking at someone else’s career,” she says.

“I’m listening to [other] artists, I’m absorbing art and music and fashion every day of my life, and that’s what I look towards. I look to create pop culture, and not [follow] a similar trajectory to what another artist has created.”

‘Death Becomes Her’ is out March 1 on Hyperdub

Jasmine Kent-Smith is Mixmag's Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter

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