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10 DJs share their opening track for the return of clubbing

Tracks we'll be crying to on the danceflooor

  • Photography: Ashley Röttjers, Cicely Grace, Seb Wheeler, George Nebieridze
  • 16 July 2021

The return of clubbing is upon us. When those dancefloors open up and soundsystems power into life, it's going to be emotional. DJs have had a long old time to think about what track they're going to draw for when they first step back into the booth, so you can rest assured there's going be some special sounds making people move.

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Since we can't be in every club at once, unfortunately, we hit up 10 DJs to ask what their opening track will be for the long-awaited returning of clubbing.

See below for selections from Palms Trax, Carista, DEBONAIR, Dance System, AQWEA, FYI Chris, Yushh, Loraine James, Jyoty and Ell Murphy.

Palms Trax
Tapestry Of Sound 'Wasp Of A Woman'

"I’m desperately craving playing or listening to techy rollers on a large soundsystem for hours at a time. This new EP from Roza Terenzi and D. Tiffany is immense, and this track in particular conjures memories of the sun coming up over a Serbian abbatoire at 8:AM. Maybe one of those things that was more romantic in hindsight. "

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Kessler 'Lotus'

"Can't wait to play this one out! This new release by Irish born and now Rotterdam based DJ/producer is a straight up banger that needs all the recognition it deserves. Defo keep an eye on Kessler as he'll be the one up next!"

Urban Soul 'Alright' (Club Mix)

"I've been itching to spin the '91 Club Mix of Alright by Urban Soul on our return to clubs. It's really the epitome of healing house music and togetherness which I know we're all in desperate need of. I can already picture the eyes closed, hand on heart dancefloor moment <3"

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Dance System
Dance System 'All I Wanna Do'

"I made the initial version of this track two years ago when I first started the Dance System project. I only gave to a couple of DJs, but in their hands it just flew, and became my most requested track ever. Almost every day since, I’ve had people in my DMs asking when it’s coming out. Now that the sample is cleared, I’ve added some finishing touches, it’s been properly mixed and mastered, and it’s being released on my label, System Records, just as the clubs are re-opening. Two years later, I finally get to start slamming it out for some big crowds and I cannot wait!"

Idris Muhammad 'Could Heaven Ever Be Like This'

"This is one of my all-time favourite tracks. It has an all-guns-blazing opening to set a joyful tone and features every instrument I’d want to welcome me at the club/heaven gates.

"There are lots of lovely breakdown moments to allow for everyone to really appreciate the arrangement too - big brass, indulgent drum rolls, howling guitar solos, heavenly harps, and a vocal harmony that I feel will reaffirm the club feeling I have missed for so long: “I feel music in your eyes, rainbows in your kiss…a love song in your touch”.

"The song embodies the energy I want to feel and see when we're all out shoulder-to-shoulder with one another. Plus, I have never played it out as I’m always waiting for the ‘right’ moment. I think that moment is now."

Amor Satyr & Siu Mata 'Nah'

"This track to me encapsulates all the pent up energy that's been building over the last year without the escape of the dancefloor. Mad double time drum workout with big body sub energy for people to get fully loose to on the floor - it slaps hard."

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Loraine James
James Bangura 'Big Change'

"He's an artist who's music I've loved for a while, and would love to just hear it loud in a club!"

FYI Chris
Horsepower Production 'Marseilles Connection'

"You can catch us b2b with Al Wootton on the July 24 at Lightbox where we will all be weeping tears of joy most probably with our heads in the subs. Would be rude not to start with a classic..."

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Tyler, The Creator 'RUNITUP'

"If after this year, we manage to make it onto the dancefloor in one piece… I might just spend it all."

Ell Murphy
LSDXOXO 'Death Rattle'

"I love this edit of Mr Vegas by LSDXOXO. Such an iconic hook and sounds incredible sped up in this choppy breaks number. He's one of my fave producers at the moment - just love his vibe and how he chops the vocals to create intensity in the track - until the full hook smashes in halfway through! Can't wait to play this out properly in a club and watch everyone go mad for it!"

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