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DJ Body Language

How to tell what DJs are thinking

  • Words: Seb Wheeler and Duncan Dick | Illustrations: Jay Taylor
  • 11 August 2015
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The 'cold shoulder as you overrun your set time'

DJing is great, isn't it? So great that no set is ever, ever, long enough. Well, a greedy DJ can add one last, last, last tune to their set by blocking rivals who try to plug their head-phones into the mixer with 'the cold shoulder'. It's best accompanied by a vacant nod of affable incomprehension, as though they're the victim of a head injury that has robbed them of the concept of time. And manners.

The 'of course I'll play your request' grimace

"Hey, sure I'll play the 17 requests that you've typed into your phone and are now shoving in my face!" says that big, fat, fake smile deployed in order to get people to shut the fuck up and fuck the fuck off.

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