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DJ Body Language

How to tell what DJs are thinking

  • Words: Seb Wheeler and Duncan Dick | Illustrations: Jay Taylor
  • 11 August 2015
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The polite clap for the earnest but shit local DJ

It's 1am in the main room on a Friday night and the resident has just finished the warm-up to your underground techno set by playing '187 Lockdown'. As the resident steps away from the mixer, throwing gun fingers and beads of sweat all over the place, the headliner takes the controls, quickly fades the music out and makes an effort to clap politely, heart, and eyes, heavy with scorn.

The clanging mix furrowed brow

They're playing two records completely out of time but it's OK: the Grand Canyon-sized concentration marks across the forehead mean that things will be in sync in just a moment…Alright, they're fooling no-one, but at least they're trying. Really, really, trying.

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