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How to see the best of New York's late night food scene in 4 days

Essential spots to eat in the city that never sleeps

  • Funster
  • 4 September 2019

New York, New York, the city that never sleeps and with the wide range of nightclubs that cater for every sound and style that sentiment has never been more apt.

It's true, New York, Brooklyn in particular, is experiencing a renaissance within US club culture. Spots like Nowadays, Brooklyn Mirage and Elsewhere are exciting and invigorating clubbers around the city, with the world's biggest names traveling in and out every weekend.

We all know that rave fuel is essential. You know, the meal before the party that sets you up for hours of dancing and moving. Some would argue that a good pre-club feed will make or break your night out so where are the best spots to go with the night-ahead in mind? If you've got four days in New York, where should you be going?

We've got you covered, as we delve into some of the late-night eateries that will both satisfy your hunger and leave you within inches of the party. Delve in, and make sure you leave room for dessert/dancing.

Mission Chinese, Brooklyn

What started out as a pop-up restaurant within a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco soon became a nationwide affair as Mission Chinese won plaudits from all around for its inventive, rebellious take on the cuisine. Founded by Danny Bowien, Mission made its way to Manhattan in New York in 2012 and since then has captivated attendees with its weird and wonderful Chinese fare. In 2018 though, Bowien opened up a new location in Bushwick, Brooklyn and it's safe to say you won't have eaten at many places like it.

When you talk about mood lighting, you usually expect it to be subtle and suit the vibe of the room. With that in mind Mission decided to decorate the entire restaurant with fluorescent lighting that's constantly changing, meaning your food changes colour as you eat it. It's as brash as it is beautiful.

It's brilliantly in your face and unapologetic, so much so that you'll go back there just for that, oh and The Matrix bathroom mirrors, they're hard to explain but so badass. The food ranges from drunken noodles and coconut lobster fried rice to Kung Pow pastrami and icy Sichuan water pickles. All insanely flavored and pretty damn spicy so these dishes are for the brave.

The best bit? It's located underneath Elsewhere, one of the best clubs in Brooklyn. The very best in electronic music is represented week-in, week-out with artists like Bonobo, George Fitzgerald, Ross From Friends and Helena Hauff stopping through. Mission b2b Elsewhere is a perfect combination.

The Turk's Inn

This Summer, The Turk's Inn opened its doors in Brooklyn, but they weren't the only doors that swung wide open.

The quaint and quirky, middle-eastern inspired restaurant is part of a three-venue complex that also hosts Doner Kebab, a takeaway next door that specialises in, yep you guessed it, kebabs and perhaps most excitingly, The Sultan Room, a two story music venue that has already played host to the likes of Justin Cudmore, Tim Sweeney, Jubilee and Lauren Flax.

Whether you want amazing Turkish food, a quick and tasty shawarma or an intimate dance in one of the city's coolest new spots, you really can have your pick of the best.


Pizza is a pretty essential thing to get right in New York. It's widely renowned as one of the best cities on earth to get a slice so with that being said, it's crucial that if you're selling it, it better be fucking decent. Roberta's in Bushwick is probably the best place in the whole of NYC to get a pizza, yeah we said it.

There's no bookings available, you have to turn up and pray to the pizza gods that they can seat you. Its classy, understated menu features classics like the 'Lil' Stinker' (tomato, mozzarella, Parmigiana, double garlic, onion and pepperoncini) and the 'Famous Original' (tomato, mozzarella, caciocavallo, oregano and chili) amongst others. We opt for the 'Bee Sting' which isn't on the menu and is simply a mozzarella pizza with pepperoni and lashings of honey.

Pizza aside, Roberta's has a huge outdoor area with its own bar and plenty of space to sit in the sun with a pie and a pitcher. They often host parties in this back garden paradise with disco, hip-hop and house on rotation. Obey even collaborated with the restaurant and hosted a party last year with NYC's finest spinning. Pizza or partying, shots or slices, Roberta's is world-famous for a reason.


With Brooklyn's ever-changing industrial landscape, it's no wonder why Kichin has bounced around to various locations throughout the city. The Korean-fusion restaurant first appeared as an over-the-counter service nook, nestled under the Marcy Ave. subway stop, serving rice balls, a variety of bowls and juicy fried chicken. That was nearly 4 years ago.

Since then it's hosted collaboration events with Yaeji and was part of Baby's All Right's space for a short time. Now it's expanded to its own location at 1264 Myrtle Ave., just down the street from the buzzing rave cave of Bossa Nova Civic Club. This space is a go-to for night owls in search of kimchi-fried rice, succulent pork-belly or tasty japchae, before or after a late dancefloor session. Don't sleep! Harrison Williams

Bonus Round
The Chopped Cheese

So this one's not a restaurant, nor is it near a club but as far as we're concerned, if you're talking late night eats in New York, you can't not mention the chopped cheese. A city staple and something that any local will recommend to you if you're after something naughty yet nice. In simple terms it's a beef patty that's chopped up with melted cheese glistening over the top but it can be anything else you want. Add all the toppings, all the sauces and all the flavours you want, it's your's to create. All you have to do is enter the deli/bodega and say those two simple words. Best ordered at 2-4am after a long dance, you won't regret this one.

Funster is Mixmag's Global Brand & Content Editor, he always gets the Bee Sting at Roberta's and now you will too, follow him on Twitter

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