Leamington club where teen died was "dangerously oversold" and "refusing to give out tap water"

The dangerous conditions inside the Leamington Assembly also left a woman in intensive care

An investigation by Pill Report has revealed the dangerous conditions inside the Leamington Assembly venue where a 19-year-old man died after reportedly taking a Red Bull ecstasy pill and a 22-year-old woman was taken ill and hospitalised in intensive care.

Pill Report has released its findings on Instagram, announcing that after it posted a pill warning the page was inundated with reports of the venue's dangerous mismanagement of the DnB Allstars event, which took place on January 31.

One of the recurring problems that people reported was that bottles of water were being sold for £5 each and had sold out before the end of the night. Water from the tap was also not available for free during the latter stages of the evening, with Pill Report also releasing footage of a bar staff member responding dismissively to an attendee telling them not giving out water is illegal and endangering the people inside the venue.

Reports state that the staff in the venue were refusing to give people water after being "told off" by management. It is also stated they refused because they thought that the attendees asking for water were on drugs, which is against the venue's welfare policy.

At one point there was reportedly only one jug of water available for 1000+ attendees that according to one account was "barely being refilled throughout the night". Because of this, attendees had to go to the toilet and fill up small cups of water with the taps in there.

The venue is also said to have been "dangerously oversold" with "dangerously high temperatures". Numerous people were reported to have collapsed in the venue because of the sweltering heat, "without aid of the unhelpful bouncers". One attendee said that "you would pass out if you stayed in there too long".

Queues to the smoking area were also said to be extremely big, so it was hard for people to get fresh air.

A Warwick District Council spokesperson has stated its licensing team "are aware of the issues that occurred over the weekend at The Assembly and are working with the police to establish all of the facts".

Warwickshire Polce are investigating the incident, stating that: "Enquiries are ongoing and we continue to work with all of our partners to investigate the full circumstances of the incident. We will not be commenting further whilst the investigation is ongoing".

Louis Chant is a freelance writer, follow him on Twitter