DASCO launches her new label with acid-infused track

'Get High With Me' is available on June 29

Berlin-based producer and DJ DASCO has launched her label, Bisexuality Exists, and announced that the first release will be her own acid-infused record 'Get High With Me'.

The single will be available on June 29, holding and emphasising values which are at the core of DASCO's vision for her label.

As per her previous releases, the punchy rave track is full of energy showcasing a percussive house and techno sound, containing DASCO's own vocals and 90s-influenced beats.

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The new label, Bisexuality Exists, garnered its name from the producer and DJ's emphasis on the importance of normalising bisexuality, having previously encountered biphobia, with some thinking that it is "just a phase".

"I set up the label to support women, non-binary and the LGBTQ+ community," explains DASCO. "Bisexuality Exists aims to spread love, happiness, peace and unity. My aim is to normalise bisexuality in today’s society. I want to inspire people to live how they feel. As a bisexual, it’s important for me to campaign against biphobia and bi-erasure. We are all equal regardless of our sexual choices.

"Music wise, people can expect from the label uplifting, colourful, dance-floor focused house and techno. With the label, I want to show the world that music - like life - is rarely ever black or white. There are so many beautiful colours and shades in between, so let's explore and enjoy them all…

"The first label release 'Get High With Me' - which will be released on June 29 - is a story about love, about going on a new journey together and lifting each other up.”

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Even prior to the track's release, support for both the track and label has rolled in. Acid techno DJ Dr. Rubinstein has backed the record - nearly two years on from DASCO's featuring on her pandemic series Quarantine FM - and Roi Perez recently played the tune at Berlin's Panorama Bar.

Inspired by a mixture of UK 90s rave and house music respectively, the Tel-Aviv born DJ has played at a number of venues including Berlin's Tresor, Bristol's Motion and Paris' Sacré.

You can pre-order 'Get High With Me' now here, available via Bisexuality Exists.

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