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UDG Gear unveils 21 new flight cases

All a globe-trotting DJ needs

  • Louis Anderson-Rich
  • 22 January 2017
UDG Gear unveils 21 new flight cases

UDG Gear has revealed its new flight case series for transporting all sorts of DJ setups.

The series features 21 different flight cases all ensuring your equipment will get to its destination safely.

Every case is constructed from 9mm thick plywood, while the outside is laminated in an all-black finish. The inner sides are protected with high-density diamond embossed protection foam.

The larger cases come with a foldout shelf for laptops and a set of wheels on one side of the case for easy movement.

Prices range from €159.95 for a single turntable case to €369.95 for a case that can fit two turntables, a mixer and a laptop shelf.

Check out more prices here.

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