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Premiere: SpectraSoul draw for the polish on the sparkling 'On & On'

Their new 'Second Chance' EP is out this month

  • Dave Turner
  • 15 February 2017
Premiere: SpectraSoul draw for the polish on the sparkling 'On & On'

After a fruitful nine-year relationship with Shogun Audio, SpectraSoul have flown the nest to embark on their new venture, Ish Chat Music.

The drum 'n' bass duo launched the label last year with the 'Only You' EP, featuring the hyperactive tearer 'SM1'. The classic oozing SpectraSoul sound was represented on 'From The Jaws', with the follow-up 'Stock Sound' EP arriving in September 2016. With that we were treated to sultry soul on 'Waiting For...', a rigourous workout on the title track and a grimace-inducing halftime cut with Break on 'Frogspawn'.

Jack and Dave's experiments continue on the 'Second Chance' EP, so far offering us the breezy title track and the sawtooth aggression of 'Fade Away'.

For our premiere, 'On & On', we get the pair's softer side of production with the most delicate of twinkles audible throughout, accompanied by an ice cold female vocal. There's the odd moody crank, but that doesn't diminish this one's status as a super fresh, sparkling d'n'b cut.

The 'Second Chance' EP is out on February 24. Pre-order it on Bandcamp

Dave Turner is Mixmag's Digital News Editor, follow him on Twitter

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