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Premiere: Redeyes proves his d'n'b royalty with 'We Were Kings'

Lenzman and Luce join him on the soul soother

  • Dave Turner
  • 14 July 2017
Premiere: Redeyes proves his d'n'b royalty with 'We Were Kings'

In case your knowledge of Redeyes wasn't up to scratch, Lenzman was recently on hand to educate you on the history of the French producer. He pulled 10 years worth of tunes together to make a mix showcasing his swagger-oozing drum 'n' bass.

2015 and 2016's 'Memory Lane' EP series is some of his best work, a total of nine silky d'n'b tracks glossed with liquid goodness, which suitably marked his return after a three-year break.

After releases on labels such as Innerground, Spearhead, Creative Source and his own Vandal Records, it's now time for him to represent Lenzman's The North Quarter with a nine-track EP.

Lenzman is a collaborator on 'We Were Kings', as is vocalist Luce, as the three create a soothing d'n'b dream to fall in line with the The North Quarter's soul-packed back catalogue.

Listen below.

Dave Turner is Mixmag's Digital News Editor, follow him on Twitter

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