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Premiere: Preditah's 'Mad Max' is a grumbling bass cut plied with E numbers

The highly-rated producer is up next for the 'fabriclive' series

  • Dave Turner
  • 17 May 2017
Premiere: Preditah's 'Mad Max' is a grumbling bass cut plied with E numbers

In the Oxford English Dictionary, a predator is defined as "an animal that naturally preys on others." There might be a slight difference in spelling, but that definition explains the deadly, bass-heavy Preditah output that's primed to tear parties apart.

The Birmingham-based producer's got a bank of bulky grime productions behind him, the most frightening of them all being Solo 45's mosh-pit sparking anthem 'Feed 'Em To The Lions'. 'Circles', a 2012 release on Logan Sama's EARTH616, is another hyperactive riddim you're guaranteed to hear at a grime rave.

Not since the low-end bass bulging 'Selecta' has anything come from the Preditah production house, but his upcoming 'fabriclive 92' mix features some exclusives, as well as cuts by DJ Q, AJ Tracey, Sir Spyro, Skepta and Joker.

Among the exclusives is 'Mad Max', another instrumental plied with E numbers with repetitive shouts of "breakdown" and mumbles of "dark side" falling in between grumbling bass shivers. Preditah's back with a vengeance.

'fabriclive 92' is out on May 26. The launch party takes place on June 9 with Preditah, Swindle, Joker, Bassboy and more

Dave Turner is Mixmag's Digital News Editor, follow him on Twitter

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