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Essential: Suda’s ‘Hives’ EP

Hard drums and broken chords straight from Suda

  • Jasmine Kent-Smith
  • 13 March 2017
Essential: Suda’s ‘Hives’ EP

The latest from Her Records boss Suda is an intricate experiment into club music, complete with hard drums, fragmented vocals and atmospheric hooks.

'Hives' is a fine-tuned production and after taking a back seat over the last few years, Suda returns with an amazing six-tracker.

‘Inner Monologue’ is a bubbling display of sci-fi inspired synths and makes way for the darker, introspective arpeggio layers on ‘Knotsweed’ before stand-out track ‘Idiopath' comes hurtling in.

According to Her: “Listening to Hives is not intended to be a cerebral exercise; it seeks to elicit a response from your skin and body as much as your ears and mind.”

Have a listen to ‘Idiopath’ below or grab a copy of the EP out now on Her Records.

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