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Nastia and Einzelkind next up for Cocoon Ibiza mix series

The two-disc mix drops next month

  • Jasmine Kent-Smith
  • 14 July 2017
Nastia and Einzelkind next up for Cocoon Ibiza mix series

Cocoon Recordings has tapped Nastia (pictured) and Einzelkind for the next installment of Cocoon’s Ibiza mix series.

Every Monday on the White Isle, the label, helmed by Sven Väth, takes over Amnesia, and the two-disc mix is set to celebrate the sounds of the summer session.

First up is Nastia, with a 15-track selection of tunes featuring the likes of Calibre, Luke Slater, Plastic, Terrence Dixon, and Slam. Her offering will journey through techno, d‘n’b and more, creating a cohesive cut packed with a punch.

She’ll be followed up Einzelkind, aka Arno Völker, whose stripped-back disc contains much of his own material, including this year’s collaboration with Ricardo Villalobos on a track titled ‘Arnorc’.

‘Cocoon Ibiza: Mixed by Nastia & Einzelkind' will be released on August 25 on Cocoon.

Take a look at the tracklist below.


Disc 1: Nastia
01. 100 Hz - Liquid 101
02. Theorem - Igneous
03. Plastic - No Language
04. Slam - Life Between Life
05. Luke Slater - From Time To Time
06. Sanasol - Naked Singularity
07. Bernard Badie - Time Reveals
08. Oscar Schubaq - Take It
09. Calibre - Getter Go
10. Kuniyuki Takahashi - The Session (Cobblestone Jazz Remix)
11. Terrence Dixon - Beat
12. Pacou - Funk2Funghi
13. Present Perfect - Lession 01
14. Differ-Ent - Gem in Eyes feat. DJ Bone
15. John Daly - Solar Sailing

Disc 2: Einzelkind
01. Implosive Inc. - Russ Key
02. Hot City Orchestra - Phantom Force (Delta Mix) / Einzelkind & Charlotte T. - Don't (Acapella)
03. Rhythm Factory - Oh Oh / Einzelkind - Maferefumeco
04. Hot City Orchestra - Barimu
05. Einzelkind - Just In Jack
06. Hot City Orchestra - Metropolis / Hot City Orchestra - The Observatory (Tool)
07 Einzelkind & Robin Scholz - Clubnight / Villalobos & Einzelkind - Arnorac
08. Einzelkind - Meinste !? (Delta Mix) / Einzelkind - Lumumba
09. Einzelkind - Aya Curanderito
10. Implosive Inc. & Markus Fix - In Tracy (Delta Mix)
11. Implosive Inc. - Milli Jean
12. Einzelkind - Imagine They Came To Get Everything We Took From Them Back
13. Einzelkind & Markus Fix - Good Evening Anoserl

Jasmine Kent-Smith is Mixmag's Digital Intern. Follow her on Twitter

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