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Air Max '97

Spooky weirdness from the Australian producer

  • Mixmag staff
  • 15 October 2015
Air Max '97

Bruising, killer club cuts are what Australian producer Air Max '97 likes to make.

Evidence of these can be found on the 'Fruit Crush' EP on Liminal Sounds and his absolute weapon of a remix of Björk's 'Pluto'.

His DJ selection's not too different, either, swiftly flying through banger after banger, resulting in frightful mixes for the likes of London radio station NTS, Triple J and New York label Mixpak.

You can probably tell we're well into what he does and that's why we're premiering a tune from his forthcoming 'Core Work'/'Expenditure' release on the label he's set up, Decisions.

'Core Work' isn't as frantic or bold as you might expect, but it's still rammed with rowdy clicks and curvaceous drum kicks to satisfy the bass brigade. Plus there's a tidy amount of spooky graveyard weirdness as we approach Halloween. Check it below.

'Core Work'/'Expenditure' is out on vinyl and digitally via Decisions on October 23

[ Photo: Nic Hawker]

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