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808 state: 8 products inspired by the legendary drum machine

Some of them are winners, some really aren’t

  • Louis Anderson-Rich
  • 19 May 2017

Ah the Roland TR-808. It’s given us some good moments, hasn’t it? From 'Planet Rock' to today's breed of hip hop superstars, it's subby kick drum, tinny hi hats and weird AF triangle can be found on countless tracks.

Beginning life in 1980 as a flop, the ahead-of-its-time machine has become one of the most sought after pieces of gear on the internet where they fetch hefty prices. And with the actually product itself way out of anyones price range, we’ve resorted to worshipping this holiest of musical artefacts in other ways with our über-consumerist society.

Some are genuine labours of love like the works of art by Rob Ricketts, respecting both the heritage and the legacy of the machine. Some are just simple cash-ins (we're looking at you, disgusting hoodie).

Some are kind of in between, like Pete Tong's 808 drink. A product that seems to have all the best intentions, but is pretty unlikely to get millennials shotting whiskey. Whatever the outcome, though, these are just another example of the 808's all-conquering influence on pop culture.

From left to right: 808 Whisky, Neely Air Roland TR-808: Disturb the Peace Adidas shoes, TR808 by Patrick Wong, 808 phone case, Rob Rickett's 808 art, 808 unisex hoodie, 808 USB, 808 beanbag

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