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10 times that DJ-related advertising has been hilariously bad

Why can ad teams never get it right?

  • Dave Turner
  • 21 April 2016
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3 Fanta

If you've ever watched Takeshi's Castle, then you'll know Japanese TV has a tendency to be pretty nuts. This Fanta ad proves that even more, with a pretty outrageous scene in a classroom. We're not even sure what the point of the DJ is.

4 Rocker vs DJ

This one's just pretty fucking weird to be honest. Narrated by a voice that could easily pass as a serial killer's, dance music is mocked right down to the bassline ("electronic noises you're trying to pass off as music") with DJs branded as "criminals with the license to shoot shit into our ear drums". Then there's the burning DJ mixer. Rolling Stone Italy has really got us quaking in our little, shuffling Nike Air Max 90s with this one...

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