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The DJ-baiting satirical website that caused chaos online in 2014

  • Simon Palmer
  • 27 December 2014

If you've ever read an article about Madame Tussauds unveiling a waxwork of a DJ that's actually better at DJing than the DJ themselves, or a famous EDM star using a high score in DJ Hero to prove he's a real DJ, then you've probably been perusing www.wundergroundmusic.com.

"The Irish are known as eejits who like to take the piss , and the dance music industry makes it so easy for us to do that because everyone in it is mental." So says Mikey Maguire, the young Dubliner who is thescourge of DJs everywhere thanks to his Dublin-based satirical website.

In 18 months, Wunderground has grown to the point where it gets over two million hits per month – and in the process has been on the receiving end of legal letters from the likes of Steve Aoki and David Guetta.

Maguire is unperturbed. "From the crap DJs at the bottom, to the talented DJs at the top, everybody is fair game," he says.

So is Wunderground on a crusade to clean up dance music? "No," says Maguire. "I'm definitely not on a mission to destroy them, we're nothing without them, if they go then we have nothing to write about. If anything, we need them to be worse than they already are! I need Steve Aoki to give up throwing cakes and start doing something even more nuts."

The comments from people who believe the stories are real is one of the most amusing aspects of Wunderground. "The most ridiculous was when people believed our story on Edward Snowden announcing he was, in fact dubstep producer Burial, when he was stuck in a Swiss airport trying to find asylum," says Maguire.

Never one to rest on its laurels, Wunderground is moving to the next level. It's now involved in hosting club nights, will soon be launching a video channel, and is working with some of dance music's biggest names, with the aim of pulling off some stunts in the future. Keep your eyes peeled – the next victim could be you.

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