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Wu-Tang Clan's RZA shows support for Martin Shkreli

We didn't see this coming

  • Henry Mills
  • 22 November 2017

Wu Tang Clan’s RZA has said the 'Once Upon A Time In Shaolin' album ‘was a total success and we can thank Martin for that’ in a recent interview with NME.

When Martin Shkreli notoriously bought the sole copy of album in 2015, it naturally brought a lot of publicity to the Wu Tang Clan. RZA has now claimed they ‘made history together’ and that he ‘will always respect’ Martin Shkreli for that.

With Shkreli in prison for fraud, RZA said ‘I don’t like that for no man’ and even though Shkreli sold on the album via eBay, RZA somehow saw the good in Martin, stating ‘when I read his paragraph about why he did it I kind of understood and respected what he said.’

To a huge percentage of people he is the most hated man in America for his antics within the pharmaceutical industry although RZA said ‘don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time - we made history together, that part I will always respect.’

RZA even commented ‘with all the negative things he's done, for music there’s something positive there.’

Watch the full interview here

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