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We spoke to Ibiza's wellness and beauty businesses about life on the White Isle in 2020

Wellness is a huge factor in Ibiza's economy in the absence of nightclubs

  • In association with Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nail Gummies
  • 1 September 2020
We spoke to Ibiza's wellness and beauty businesses about life on the White Isle in 2020

Ibiza's nightclubs may not have been open this summer, meaning thousands of ravers who would usually flock to the White Isle ended up staying at home. But Ibiza hasn't been on complete shutdown. Bars, restaurants, beaches and more have been open to those on the island, while the wellness and beauty businesses that are so integral to the island's economy also kept their doors open.

We caught up with the people working in this sector to get an idea of what life in Ibiza has been like in the absence of masses of house and techno heads in summer 2020.

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Jo of Jam Face Make-Up and Hair Styling said: "On an island that relies so heavily on tourism, when people don't come, it's sad. But the island isn't just about clubbing."

Jo explained why people should still go to Ibiza in 2021: "I think it's really important for people to come to Ibiza in 2021 because as soon as you get here, it's like escape."

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Donna of Running Ibiza touched on the importance of wellness in Ibiza: "Wellness is really important to Ibiza because it helps to reduce the economy's reliance on the peak season."

Watch a video featuring Ibiza's wellness and beauty workers below and enter a competition to win a trip to Ibiza in 2021 here.

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