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Nature's Bounty presents: A guide to packing for your 2020 Holiday, wherever you're heading

23 things you have to pack if you’re escaping this summer

  • In association with Nature's Bounty
  • 12 August 2020

Enjoying your summer holiday to the absolute maximum depends upon your ability to get things right in the packing department.

Over pack and you'll end up spending most of your trip rummaging around in a scruffy, oversized suitcase, desperately looking for items that halfway match. On the other hand, if you travel too light you'll waste precious downtime seeking out solutions to the underwhelming lack of options in your bag.

The trick, of course, is to strike a nice balance between overburdening yourself and all out minimalism. Remember, you don't need heaps of extra stuff. Instead, you’re going to be much better off with a carefully considered selection of cool outfits and must have travel essentials like these:

Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin and Nails Gummies

The simplest way to keep your hair luscious, your skin glowing and your nails healthy while your away. The beauty of the NB gummies is they fit around your existing well-being routine making them a convenient way to look after yourself. The beauty nourishing nutrients including collagen, vitamin C and biotin and their natural berry flavor makes them a much tastier alternative to taking pills or capsules. Stock up before you go from Boots, Sainsbury’s or Amazon.

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Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

When you and the squad are getting ready to go out it's essential to have the right tunes thumping away in the background. For this reason, you might want to acquire a Bose SoundLink Micro Speaker before you travel. Not only is Bose's Micro Speaker ludicrously compact, making it the perfect travel companion, it's also water resistant, which means this hand-sized, silicone-sealed boom-box is ideal for trips to the beach. And if all that wasn't enough, you can also connect your phone to your Bose in order to amplify your calls back home.

Ted Baker Marleea Belt Bag

One of the most popular bum bag alternatives out there at the moment has to be Ted Baker's Marleea Belt Bag. The Marleea comes with a removable, adjustable shoulder strap, as well as a detachable, adjustable belt complete with it's own buckle, which means you can wear this essential accessory around your waist as well as over your shoulder. These Ted Baker gems are selling out fast, but we did manage to find some remaining stock available at Wardow.

Gentle Monster Sunglasses

This Korean sun shade brand may be less than a decade old, but Gentle Monster's bespoke oversized and undersized eyewear is already hugely popular in the United States, where Kanye West, Pharrell and Kendall Jenner are known advocates. When it comes to the design stakes, Gentle Monster's creations verge on the experimental. However, there are still plenty of everyday options to choose from if you require a more conservative pair of sunnies. Choose Monster's LALA BC4's in orange or pink if you're feeling flush. Otherwise, for a less expensive but equally cool alternative, checkout Ray-Ban's RB3647N range.


Havaianas may have boomed in popularity a decade ago, but they remain the premium flip-flop brand on the market and a bona-fide summer holiday essential. Arguably the best thing about Havaianas is that they come in countless design silhouettes to match any vacation outfit or occasion. You can slip then into the narrowest of spaces in your suitcase. If they get covered in sand you can throw them in the shower and they'll be pristine again in less than 10 seconds. And as well as being wonderfully comfortable, Havaianas are more or less indestructible. Indeed, from breakfast to beach to beach bar, you can wear your Havaianas throughout the entire day without having to worry about comfort or fashion. And when you wake up the next morning with your feet hurting like crazy after a full day of partying, reaching for your trusty Havaianas feels a lot like reaching for your favourite pair of slippers when you're at home.

Bolsa Oaxaca Mexican Beach Bags

Vivid, playful and best of all, handcrafted by semi-rehabilitated Mexican prisoners who are in the process of reforming their criminal attitudes, these hand-woven plastic handbags are just perfect for taking to the beach. Made from recycled plastic, each Bolsa Oaxaca bag is eco-friendly and effortlessly easy to clean. In much the same way as your Havaianas, these bags can be tossed in the shower after a day on the sand and restored to pristine condition in just a few seconds.

Huzi Infinity Pillow

Those 'C' shaped travel pillows on sale in the airport departure lounge look great, but they're not especially practical on account of their rigid design. When it comes to helping you get perfectly comfortable in tight, constricted spaces, the Huzi Infinity Pillow is rather more successful. Thanks to it's snake-like design, the Huzi is fully adjustable, which means you can use it to configure your ideal sleeping position in seconds, no matter where you happen to be sitting on the plane. And since the Huzi Infinity Pillow is made from a blend of microfiber materials and super soft bamboo, you can sling it in your washing machine when you get back home.

Hyleton Worldwide Travel Adapter

Don’t waste your cash on a basic travel adapter with a hugely inflated price tag when you land. Instead, consider purchasing this all singing, all dancing universal travel adaptor before you leave the country. When it comes to powering and replenishing your phones, iPads, wireless speakers and power packs, Hyleton's Worldwide Travel Adapter supports super speedy charging. And in addition to the EU, the Hyleton can also be used internationally in over 150 countries thanks to the countless plug socket connection options which are neatly concealed within the chassis of this intelligent little power adapter.

drinqright Collapsible Water Bottle

This incredibly well priced collapsible water bottle is made from 100% food grade, BPA silicon, which means it is totally non-toxic. Ideal for travellers with limited luggage space, the drinqright shrinks down from 400ml to 200ml and comes in a variety of different colours to suit your prevailing psychological state. Included in the box you'll also find a foldable straw and a hidden compartment for stashing away your 'vitamins'. The drinqright isn’t the most expensive collapsible drinks bottle on the market by any means, but from our experience it is hugely reliable and mercifully hassle free.

NARS Afterglow Lip Balm

Not only is NARS Afterglow Lip Balm luxuriously soft and shiny, it also comes packaged like a really cool lipstick, which helps to lend the product an added sense of designer chic. The Afterglow series is available in numerous different shades and everyone who uses it gives it top reviews. Priced at around £23, this lip balm isn’t exactly cheap, but on account of its protective design you can be a little rough with it without having to worry about it breaking. In addition to affording your lips a super glossy finish, NARS is also moisturising and hydrating, which makes it the perfect product to help maintain your pout when you're busy exploring the many different beaches abroad.

Benefit Mascara

Even if you've had your lashes extended prior to travelling, it's always important to have a game-changing mascara on hand to use as a backup in case you happen to come unglued. Benefit Cosmetics make various award winning mascaras, including a curling and lifting Roller Lash, and a lengthening product called They're Real! If you haven’t had time to get your lashes faked before you fly, Benefit's jet black, smudge resistive They're Real! mascara is the absolute answer. Benefit's range of mascaras are also available in a handy mini-size bottles, which makes them ideal for Ibiza-bound travellers.

Australian Bush Flower Love System Organic Travel Mist

Nobody enjoys being cramped up on planes, trains and automobiles for hours on end. Of course, some of us can deal with the rigours of travelling better than others. But if the stuffy mid-flight air of your EasyJet carriage perpetually leaves you feeling unbalanced, seek out this Australian Bush Flower Essence, which has been created specifically with tourists in mind. Simply close your eyes and spray the travel mist around you. Not only will the bush flower essence refresh your skin, the fusion of bush fuchsia, bush iris and papaya extracts will help encourage a much needed sense of calm within the vicinity of your personal space.

Huawei nova 5T

Are you looking for a budget-friendly camera phone alternative to the mega expensive Huawei P30 that will take holiday snaps of comparable quality? If so, then look no further than the Huawei Nova 5T, which boasts four rear-mounted cameras as standard, including a 48-megapixel main lens and a dedicated 32- megapixel selfie lens. Dovetailing with all the top spec hardware, the inbuilt photo APP is also ridiculously intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to enhance their photos via a never-ending matrix of optical templates and tools. If you’re a insatiable Instagram addict and only sparklingly clear selfies will do, consider investing in this hugely underrated Android, which is available for the same price as a standard iPhone.

ASOS or Week Day for Bikinis

When we're shopping for new summer swimwear, ASOS seems to be the go to site for most of us. It's a great way of comparing all the latest prints, colours and designs currently being pushed by the planet's top fashion labels. Swedish streetwear designers Week Day aren’t as well known as ASOS, but they are a really cool brand that spans the style gap Urban Outfitters and COS. Best of all, shopping at Week Day is totally affordable and they have stores all over London, in addition to a full loaded website. Peruse both websites thoroughly before choosing either a cut-out design, retro style or daring print.

The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser

If you're searching for an essential face wash to take with you on your Balearic vacation, why not try The Ordinary's new Squalane Cleanser with its incredible make-up removal formula which won’t dry out your skin. Unlike other face cleansers on the market, The Ordinary's Squalane Cleanser is heat activated. To make it work, just squirt a little blob of balm onto the tips of your fingers and begin rubbing your hands together. When the product softens, gently rub the warm oil over your face and then wash away any remaining makeup residue with a splash of water. The product is suitable for all skin types and thankfully isn’t packaged inside tons of unnecessary cardboard.

July Carry-On

If you’re determined to do Ibiza in style this season, it's important to make sure your travel essentials make it safely from point A to point B without getting damaged. The answer? The signature carry on case from award-winning Aussie luggage brand July, which combines practicality and elegance alongside more than a jot of techy elegance. Not only does July's Carry-On case come with a lifetime warranty, it also swanks a cleverly disguised USB powerbank charger contained with the bodywork of the case, which comes in handy when your phone is about to die in the departure lounge. And don’t forget to personalise your Carry-On when you place your order.


Lashings of ultra violet light beaming down from the heavens. Nuclear emissions exploding from the surface of the sun. Global warming. The obliteration of the ozone layer. Was that ever fixed? Anyway, if you do decide to spend the majority of your summer holidays lazing alfresco beneath the blazing Ibiza sun, you might want to protect your skin. Made with the very best ingredients, Ultrasun offer a range of products that aren’t sticky, aren’t greasy and don’t stain your clothes. And most importantly, they help prevent sunburn.

Normal People by Sally Rooney

This award-winning novel by Irish writer Sally Rooney has already sold over a million copies and was recently adapted for TV by the BBC. Like the television series, starring Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal, the book is a story of love, life and teenage angst that, a lot like marmite, you'll either love or hate. The action centres on the relationship between Connell and Marianne - two kids who hook up at school and continue their on/off relationship throughout the boredom of their college years and into early adulthood. An exploration of desire, it's a novel that will no doubt speak to anyone who has experienced the dull chaos of a romantic relationship that never quite seems to end.

L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Shimmering Body Lotion

This delicately scented floral body lotion from L’Occitaine is suitable for sensitive skin types and leaves behind a subtle reflective shimmer wherever you apply it. The fragrant Cherry Blossom formula, which is enriched with shea butter, isn’t at all heavy. It absorbs quickly, helping to smooth and moisturise dry, tired skin, making it ideal for everyday use. Best of all, this Shimmering Body Lotion comes in a handy travel sized bottle which is small enough to throw in your carry-on without bloating your perfectly packed luggage. This vacation essential works wonderfully with bronzed skin and should be used as standard before arriving at Ibiza's larger day clubs, such as Ibiza Rocks Hotel and O Beach, where shimmering in the sun is an inviolable prerequisite.

Chloe's Perfect Evening Bag

If you're eager to make a fashion statement on holiday this summer, a night bag is the best way to do it. Chains aren't as essential as they were a few years ago. However, if you're looking for that added wow factor then a gold-tone chain is hard to beat. For this reason, Chloe's Ivy Suede Bucket Bag ticks all the boxes. It looks pricey, has all the right labels and is equally practical, with a spacious main pocket for your money, phone and make-up. There's also a confidence boosting drawstring at the top of the satchel to help prevent your items getting lost. For a more affordable afterdark alternative, you might want to consider Topshop's Casey Chain handbag, which constitutes a total bargain at £25.

Summer Dresses from Dancing Leopard

Super-duper colourful and machined to impart a slinky fit, Dancing Leopard's summer dress range appears to have been created especially for travellers visiting the Balearics. Prices across the website are affordable and the fabrics, prints and cuts are as flattering as they are wild. It makes sense to wear Dancing Leopard's longer summer dresses to the beach, saving their shorter options for day clubs. Dancing Leopard also have a brilliant YouTube channel where you can see all of their latest designs on the catwalk.

& Other Stories for Kaftans

If you've spent money with this hip H&M owned brand before, you'll know that everything that carries the & Other Stories insignia is well machined and guaranteed to be on trend. Plus, if you time your purchase just right, catching the frequent online sales, which just happen to be on right now, you're likely to snare yourself a summertime bargain. If you decide to take one of their belted kaftans with you, you'll want to wear it in the daytime with flat sandals or flip-flops to complete the casual, beach-hopping look. In the evening, augment the same kaftan with beads and a nice summer wedge to create a more funky, glamorous silhouette.

Co-ords from Free People

Co-ords are extremely popular right now. To achieve the illustrious co-ord look, either wear matching trousers with a little top. Or a long dress with a boob tube. Right now, the chic, boho-style co-ords from Free People are our favourites. Both the fabric and the embellished designs vibe perfectly with the countercultural mood at Ibiza's best hippie spots, including sunset bars like Kumharas and Buddha Lounge, and boho-beaches like Cala Comte.

Wedge Sandal from & Other Stories

These beautiful espadrillesThese beautiful espadrilles are so in demand they instantly sell out the moment the website gets restocked. If you do manage to strike it lucky and snap up a pair, the trick to wearing wedges in Ibiza is to know your terrain. Although wedges look great and are more comfortable than heels, even the most experienced fashionistas won't enjoy tottering up the narrow cobblestone streets of Dalt Vila in these. Instead, wear them at dusk when you and your mates are posing in Ibiza Town, particularly around the bars and restaurants bordering the port and the neighbouring marina where the ground is flat. You can wear your wedge sandals with the kaftans, co-ords and summer dresses mentioned previously.

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