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Watch the Jacuzzi General make a Buckfast Daiquiri

The cocktail is a speciality of Edinburgh venue Paradise Palms

  • Seb Wheeler
  • 20 December 2018
Watch the Jacuzzi General make a Buckfast Daiquiri

Buckfast is the national drink of Scotland so Edinburgh venue Paradise Palms decided to create a cocktail in its honour.

The bar, which also houses a record and zine emporium, record label, pop up vegetarian restaurant and one of the most psychedelic dancefloors we've ever stepped foot on, has been serving Buckfast Daqiris for the last two years.

We got Paradise Palms resident DJ and label head Jacuzzi General to show us how to make the drink because, to put it simply, it fucking bangs.

Peep the vid below and use the Jacuzzi General's music to soundtrack your next Bucky-soaked sesh.

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