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Watch DJ Yoda in The Smirnoff Arctic Disco

The turntable wizard mixes it up at Snowbombing

  • Fraser Boyes
  • 13 April 2017
Watch DJ Yoda in The Smirnoff Arctic Disco

On the top of a mountain in an igloo complete with two dancefloors and a chill out area. It's The Smirnoff Arctic Disco at Snowbombing. Mixmag TV was there to film DJ Yoda's set for our channel.

The legendary turntablist is currently touring his 'Stranger Things' mixtape live following the set getting a quarter of a million plays on his SoundCloud page. Taking a theme and mashing up samples with genres to create incredibly skilful sets littered with humour are the staple of his career. His Smirnoff Arctic Disco set mashed up everything from trap and hip hop to old rock and blues. Check it out below.

The Smirnoff Sound Collective is about bringing fans closer to the DJs in unique and intimate settings such as the Artic Disco. It is also dedicated to providing talent with a solid platform to grow. Check out more on the Smirnoff Sound Collective here:

DJ Yoda plays The Price of Wales this Saturday. Tickets here

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