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The video for Ikonika's 'Lossy' will drive you through a dark, digital dystopia

Hyperreal visuals accompany a track from the Hyperdub artist's latest album

  • Jasmine Kent-Smith
  • 12 July 2017
The video for Ikonika's 'Lossy' will drive you through a dark, digital dystopia

When Ikonika unveiled her ‘Distractions’ LP earlier this year, it was a welcome return for an artist pushing both her sound and her cross-genre methodology forward into the future.

We named the release our 'Album of the Month' in Bass & Club Music, celebrating the mind-bending vision the Hyperdub mainstay had created, enlisting a plethora of talented names along for the ride.

With features from the likes of Jessy Lanza, Andrea Galaxy, Sweyn Jupiter and Jammz, ‘Distractions’ is a mutated masterpiece that keeps on giving, and today we are premiering the video to ‘Lossy’. The track's a favourite of ours here at Mixmag, featuring in our ‘Essential Low-End’ Spotify playlist, and much like the rest of the release, it’s a powerful production.

As with the album artwork, the video was created and directed by graphic artist and Radar Radio DJ, Mungo, whose distinctive digital style and hi-def aesthetic fuses with the fizzy sci-fi sounds with ease.

Pulsing in time with the track, the hyperreal rendering paints a dark, digital dystopia. With rolling stretches of road, billboards, and a sports car featured throughout, the neon hue that washes over the otherwise stark depiction of a familiar West London cityscape. It mimics the track's glossy, yet minimal nature.

‘Distractions’ is out on Hyperdub, check out an exclusive stream of Ikonika’s ‘Lossy’ video below.

Jasmine Kent-Smith is Mixmag's Digital Intern. Follow her on Twitter

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