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  • Marcus Barnes
  • 1 June 2016

An artist who many consider to be a legend in his own lifetime, Function presents this deadly collection of techno cuts from some of the genre’s most respected and talented proponents. This 15-track release is an essential compilation from one of the very best contemporary techno labels out there right now.

“So what’s the fuss all about?” you may ask. Well, firstly we have heads such Efdemin, Tin Man, Steve Bicknell and Function himself, together with newer faces including Cassegrain, Vatican Shadow and Rrose.

Musically speaking there are no standouts, because every track is a killer in its own right: Cleric’s ‘Concrete’ stomps all over the gaff, while Vatican Shadow’s soft, mesmerising ‘Swords Over Paradise’ occupies a far more ethereal realm.

Inland merges techno and acid beautifully with ‘Acidalia’ and Function lays down some analogue funk with ‘Low Lights & Trick Mirrors’. And special mention to Rrose for ‘Cephalon’, too, as jiggling weirdness abounds.

All in all, a comp that’s total and utter class.

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