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Trip has announced a new double EP

Sleep Not Found will feature Maayan Nidam, Bjarki and Alan Backdrop

  • Chloe English
  • 5 July 2016
Trip has announced a new double EP

Trip, Nina Kraviz's label, has announced 'Sleep Not Found'.

Set for release on July 22, it'll feature tracks from label familiars Exos, Roman Zuckerman and Deniro, and will welcome a debut from Maayan Nidam. Under the alias 'A_000', Alan Backdrop takes the last track on the EP with a 13-minute finale.

Founded by Kraviz back in 2014, Trip has a track record for releasing various artist double EPs centred around captivating concepts. Sleep deprivation is the theme for this one.

A1. Roma Zuckerman – Sleep Not Found (North Edit)
A2. Deniro – G
B1. Maayan Nidam - Infinite Rattle
B2. Bbbbbb - Prins Polo Caramel Milkshake
C1. Exos - Dub Jazz
C2. Maayan Nidam - Justice For Some
D. A_000 – Glicine

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