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Tim Westwood leaked his own credit card details

The Big Dawg made a severe Snapchat fail

  • Jack Finnan
  • 26 June 2017

Tim Westwood gave his credit card details to his Snapchat audience at the weekend.

The Capital FM DJ mistakenly sent a picture of his black card to all of his followers instead of his intended date for Thursday night. After the error Westwood took to Instagram to tell fans that he had been compelled to cut up all of his cards, leaving him stranded in Bermuda without any access to funds. But not even a joke about Nigerian scammers could hide the fact that he completely messed up his social media game.

The full, and kind of gross, message reads: “Baby looking forward to taking you to dinner on Thursday. I appreciate you may wanna get nails, hair & a wax. Even some new shoes or a clutch bag. Use my card it’s black with private banking so there’s no limit (but don’t be buying a new car lol)”

The reverse of the card, where the CVV is located, remained hidden, so the slip up wasn’t as costly as the DJ had first thought.

See said Snap below and fingers crossed for the Big Dawg on Thursday – here's hoping his date can see through her tears of laughter.

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