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Tiga vs Boys Noize (The Martinez Brothers Keep It 100 mix)

Those Bronx brothers keep it 100 with their remix of Tiga and Boys Noize

  • Funster
  • 13 July 2015

The power pairing of Tiga and Boys Noize has been a long time coming.

They've been hand-in-hand in their worldwide domination of the electro and techno scene since they started releasing music over 10 years ago. Their respective labels, Boysnoize Records and Turbo have always been fine purveyors of music that bangs hard and '100' marked the first official collaboration between the pair.

They may have remixed each other countless times before but this is the first time the titans have sat down together to create some bombs. Naturally the track is a killer and now it's got some heavy edits to accompany it.

Another pair of office favourites, The Martinez Brothers, graced our cover at the end of last year and the siblings from the Bronx can seemingly do no wrong.

We premiered their killer remix of Art Department last week and now they've done the business on '100'. We could describe the track to you but instead we'll let Tiga do that:

"I'm so proud to announce this Martinez Brothers remix of 100. These guys are kinda my favourite DJs: they just have the best vibes, and remind me about all the reasons I fell in love with DJing in the first place," Tiga said.

The Martinez Brothers remix of '100' will drop on July 17

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