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Tierra Whack says she’s “done” with music: "I quit"

Cryptic posts on social media have led to fans speculating the rapper’s retirement

  • Tope Olufemi
  • 1 July 2021
Tierra Whack says she’s “done” with music: "I quit"

Tierra Whack has alluded to quitting music in a series of social media posts.

The news comes just weeks after she released ‘76’, celebrating the Philadelphia 76ers NBA success, with the team making it to the playoffs.

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Earlier this week, the rapper posted a message to her Instagram stories saying: “I quit. I’m done doing music.”

She also posted on Twitter, writing: “I ain’t finna ruin nobody else day just cause I’m having a bad one!”

No reasoning was given by the rapper - who shot to mainstream success after her 2018 project ‘Whack World’.

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This year, she has also released ‘Link’, collaborating with LEGO on the visuals for the track. While in 2020, she released ‘Feel Good’, ‘Peppers and Onions’ and ‘Dora’ - with assurances a follow up album would be released imminently.

In an interview with Variety she said: “A new album is coming. Yes, definitely, I actually don’t know its deadline. I’m rushing to the studio as we speak.”

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"I’ve been giving myself time to experiment because you never know.”

Tope Olufemi is Mixmag’s Digital Intern, follow them on Twitter

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