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Tidal extends free trial because of the Life of Pablo updates

Now you can spend more time with Yeezus

  • DeForrest Brown
  • 17 March 2016

Tidal has announced it will extend its free trial period in light of Kanye West’s updates to ‘The Life of Pablo’.

Kanye has been updating his seventh album over the last few days, but the album is still exclusive to Tidal’s platform. In light of this, the streaming service has given subscribers in the free trial phase an additional 30 days before having to pay, so they can hear the album as it is “fixed”.

Kanye’s "living breathing changing creative expression” was unveiled in what was thought to be in full on February 14, with changes continuing to be made.

[Via: The Verge]

DeForrest Brown is Mixmag's East Coast Editor. Follow him on Twitter here

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